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Black Professionals Social Club

Meet New Friends, Have More Fun-

Upscale Cultural Events & Recreational Activities 

With A Unique African-American Focus


“ Great! ”

Kara Ferguson on Nov 1, 2016.

“ Awesome Sauce, this group has amazing people, with big smiles, friendly, and fun to hang out with. ”

Lamar Jordan on Sep 18, 2016.

“ Awesome. ”

Kendrict on Aug 22, 2016.

“ Great times with great , fun, active people -Glad to find a group like this and glad to be a part of it! ”

Lathon Williams on Aug 18, 2016.

“ Fantastic Group! Good quality people to hang out with! ” 

Evie on Jul 22, 2016.

“ An excellent way to get out and about the city and meet wonderful people in the process! ”

Sandra McCloud on Jul 13, 2016.

“ Thanks for some great experiences Robin !! ”

Wendy Bratton on Jul 11, 2016.

“ I enjoyed meeting all of the ladies for the first time. Great group!! ”

Carlotta Love on Jul 7, 2016

“ Great! Lots of fun activities ”

Natalie Caver on Jul 1, 2016.

“ Most active group ever unlike some meetup groups that don't let you do hardly anything! ”

Byron Rideaux on Jul 1, 2016.

“ What a fun group of like-minded people! Everyone made a contribution to libations and snacks and we had a great time! ”

Yvette Jordan-Granberry on Jun 24, 2016.

“ I have enjoyed every event so far. ”

louise on Jun 14, 2016.

“ Always a good time! Robin does a fabulous job of arranging a variety of events that keep things fun and engaging ! ”

BMD-E on Jun 11, 2016.

“ Awesome ”

Zaneta on Apr 30, 2016.

“ Excellent trip planning, great excursions!! ”

Cameron E. Holmes on Apr 27, 2016.

“ its a nice group. Robin is awesome! ”

Hassan Omar on Apr 10, 2016.

“ I enjoy the events Robin promotes. ”

Jocelyn on Mar 25, 2016.

“ Meeting great people and also having some much fun! ”

Charles H Saint-Vil on Mar 20, 2016.

“ Great group! ”

Kathy on Mar 19, 2016.

“ A very friendly and fun group. Looking forward to the next meetup! ”

Loretta B. Coleman on Feb 7, 2016.

“ Great time! ”

Myron on Jan 17, 2016.

“ I really enjoy the Christmas eve event. I enjoyed the music and atmosphere. Robin was very socialable and introduce me to members at event. People were very kind and friendly. ”

Maurice Smith on Dec 29, 2015.

“ Really enjoy the people. And Robin is so full of energy. Love the events. Keep them coming Robin! ”

Fran W on Dec 22, 2015.

“ Love it! ”

Morrow C on Nov 30, 2015.

“ Fun group, we had blast. ”

Yvonne on Oct 30, 2015.

“ I got a chance to meet members I hadn't met before and I found the members to be nice and friendly. Looking forward to getting to know them over future events. ”

Angel Carter on Oct 26, 2015.

“ Excellent ”

Jada Matthews on Oct 19, 2015.

“ Great, fun friendly people as always. ”

Cameron Holmes on Oct 13, 2015.

“ For my first outing with the group I had a great time. Everyone was friendly and fun. They have the perfect host. Robin kept me abreast of the upcoming events and she exudes what it means to be social--lol Thanks! ”

Hanif on Oct 10, 2015.

“ Awesome group! ”

Shanelle on Sep 30, 2015.

“ very fun group with diverse activities ”

Aisha E on Sep 25, 2015.

“ I've attended 3 Meetups so far and I must say the people are friendly and fun. I think the events are great, lots of variety. Also, Robin is a fabulous Host she's always friendly and upbeat and makes sure you are introduced to everyone at the events. I'm a member of other groups but I'm so booked with events from this group I have no time for other groups. Love this group, the people and events are awesome! ”

Vonnie L. on Sep 10, 2015.

“ My very first meetup and I absolutely love how everyone is warm and friendly. And Robin is an amazing host! Had a blast at my first event and looking forward to many more. ”

Hilal on Sep 9, 2015.

“ Very nice group. Will definitely attend other events. ”

Christel B on Sep 8, 2015.

“ Fun group, we always have a blast. ”

Yvonne on Sep 7, 2015.

“ I really enjoy this group very friendly & soo much to do!! ”

Stephanie R on Aug 31, 2015.

“ Absolutely awesome thoroughly enjoyed myself. ”

Ethan Shaw on Aug 18, 2015.

“ This was my first outing with the group and I had a wonderful time. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I'm looking forward to the next time. ”

Kim F. on Aug 15, 2015.

“ Love this group. I am a Robin T fan. :-) ”

B. Muhammad on Aug 13, 2015.

“ We had a great time, ”

Charles Parker on Aug 5, 2015.

“ I love it! So much variety in the outings!! Something for everyone! ”

ChitownCheryl(CherylP) on Jul 25, 2015.

“ Very well organized. Nice people. ”

Stephanie B. on Jul 18, 2015.

“ I truly enjoyed the group. Looking forward to enjoying more events with this group. ”

Mildred Lloyd on Jul 6, 2015.

“ Terrific! ”

Kathryn on Jul 5, 2015.

“ FABULOUS, thanks to all the great raft mates who made it a blast. ”

Latasha Moree on Jun 21, 2015.

“ Great. Robin is awesome ”

Victoria Hall on May 12, 2015.

“ So far so good.Looking forward to more events ”

Devan Danielle Mcdaye on Apr 28, 2015.

“ Fantastic, having a great time. ”

p scott montgomery on Mar 24, 2015.

“ Very friendly and fun meetup group! Thanks Robin for hosting so many wonderful meetups! ”

Katrena Greene on Feb 7, 2015.

“ This was my first event and I found the members to be nice and friendly. Looking forward to getting to know them over future events. ”

Angel Carter on Jan 25, 2015.

“ Excellent, always have a great time. ”

Anthony Jenkins on Jan 2, 2015.

“ Excellent !! ”

Thomas Brooks on Dec 22, 2014.

“ Always something going on...I love it. ”

Deondra on Dec 2, 2014.

“ This was my first meetup with this group in a long while, I had a wonderful time. ”

Cy on Nov 2, 2014.

“ It was a fun outing with out going folks ”

Melissa Mitchell on Oct 23, 2014.

“ Robin did a fantastic job organizing the Ravinia event, with all of the extra touches that made this a great night of fabulous music under the stars! ”

Marlita on Sep 10, 2014.

“ Once again Robin you hit it out the park ! Tabetha(Hey) thanks for the wonderful conversation. ”

Ted S. on Aug 18, 2014.

“ I Love My Meet Up Group Robin is Awesome !!! Organizer ”

Jackie McCoy on Jul 24, 2014.

Thank You So Very Much Robin. I Definitely Notice All Of The Special Attention To Detail That You Especially Put Into Preparing For The Summertime Events.Your Efforts Don't Go Unnoticed!!! It's Always A Successful Mission Accomplished:-)!!! You Enjoy Making Others Happy & It Truly Shows. I Most Humbly Appreciate You, And All Of Your Well Preparedness That You Put Into Making The Events A True Success!!! Karla J.

---Karla J on June 27, 2014

“ A good time as always. Enjoyed good conversations w very friendly people. ”

Kristy H on Jun 8, 2014.

“ Wonderful group of people. I'm so fortunate to be a part of of something as special as the Enjoy Life Chicago BPSG!!! ”

Chuck on May 25, 2014.

“ It is a great way to meet people and a great way to try new things. Everyone was nice and kind. They made me feel like family. ”

Dasheka Whitaker on Apr 2, 2014.

“ Excellently executed outings. Robin is amazing, adventurous, super energetic, astonishing with remembering names and ever so very friendly. I would say she is an exceptional organizer. She even sends updates related to your event such as where to park and where to grab a meal. She attempts to make it enjoyable and convenient. ”

chrystal on Mar 15, 2014.

“ I've never been more excited about one group. The events are great, prices are always reasonable and the attendees...always a delight. Looking forward to attending more as the weather warms. ”

La Shón P on Mar 11, 2014.

“ I loved the people in the meet up group they made the evening :) ”

Patrice on Feb 9, 2014.

“ Fabulous and well worth the investment! ”

Eve on Jan 17, 2014.

“ The group rocks! ”

Nikki W on Dec 14, 2013.

“ Great host and a great group of people. Glad I found this group. ”

Sandra D. Jones on Nov 27, 2013.

“ I love this group and the activities! :-) ”

Pamela D. Borders on Oct 25, 2013.

“ The members I met were a delight and the host was exceptionally friendly and progressive thinking! Looking forward to attending next year. ”

Titilola Yusuf on Sep 3, 2013.

“ After one event...I will definitely attend again with no hesitation ”

tracey manning on Aug 22, 2013.

“ awesome ”

Terri on Jul 12, 2013.

“ Fun ”

Valerie Murray on Jun 3, 2013.

“ Robin is doing a great job!! ”

Margie Reid on Jun 4, 2013.

“ Always fun and something interesting going on. ”

Alice J on May 12, 2013.

“ Enjoyed the game and the connections. Wonderful group. ”

La Toya Dixon on Mar 23, 2013.

“ Awesome as usual ”

Ayo Odior on Feb 10, 2013.

Your Enjoy Life Chicago! Organizer and Host, Robin Tillmon, RN. She is certified in CPR and First Aid, with over 20 years experience caring for the physical and emotional needs of others. You will be in good hands! Robin is from Chicago and has lived in the south suburbs, Lincoln Park, and the west suburbs. She knows the city and loves it.